National Directory by State
These directories are posted here as a free information and networking resource for faith communities and their emergency management partners. The agencies are listed by State and their contact information is provided, if available.

Disaster Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care; This directory lists those local and state ecumenical or interfaith organizations that provide disaster chaplains or spiritual care workers at the local or state level.

Note: In recent years a variety of disaster spiritual care providers have emerged across the United States. Some provide a national response capacity and others are organized in partnership with faith communities and emergency management at the local level – NDIN promotes the latter as a best practice. Although faith communities and their national partners are encouraged to train and credential disaster chaplaincy and spiritual care workers to meet the needs of their faithful at the local and national level – the provision of spiritual care to disaster impacted communities is principally the responsibility of local clergy and religious leaders. (Reminder; National organizations, offering spiritual care, should only enter an impacted community at the invitation of its emergency managers or faith leaders.

Disaster Interfaiths; This directory of known local and state disaster interfaiths, otherwise known as faith-based long-term recovery organizations or unmet needs committees/roundtables. Typically, disaster interfaiths are ecumenical or interfaith non-profits formed by local faith communities to coordinate or provide any one or more of a variety of disaster education or human services within their community or state. These service Include, but are not limited to; mitigation education, preparedness training, relief, recovery, spiritual care and unmet needs services. Disaster Interfaiths that provide recovery program are usually funded by and provide services in collaboration with local judicatories/religious leaders and their faith-based national response agency partners within National VOAD.  Establishing those partnerships and participating in local and state VOADs pre-disaster is highly recommended.

NDIN aims to include a directory profile for all known disaster chaplaincies and disaster interfaiths in the U.S. – however, this directory currently includes only those agencies known to NDIN and our partners.

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This directory is ONLY for ecumenical or interfaith disaster chaplaincy and spiritual care organizations and disaster interfaiths/interfaith long-term recovery organizations. Submission from agencies representing a individual faith community or secular agencies will be rejected.