Electronic Library of Best Practices & Resources
This e-library contains links and documents of relevance to the work of U.S. disaster chaplaincy and spiritual care organizations and/or disaster interfaiths and their government or non-profit emergency management partners.

Finding best practices, current information and critical resources for each stage of the disaster life cycle is a constant challenge in the ever-evolving arena of disaster spiritual care and faith-based human services. This e-library was developed to offer new and existing organizations access to all-hazards best practices used operationally throughout the United States. It also provides information and reports on the challenges, failures and successes of past preparedness and recovery efforts of the government and NGOs.

Note: One of the challenges facing local and state interfaiths is that much of the educational material available is written for one specific faith tradition or denomination. This e-library contains a broad array of resources, both interfaith and specific to individual traditions. It is critical to all faith-based organizations and government emergency managers to understand the cultural and religious practices of the communities they serve and to incorporate those understandings into their planning and recovery initiatives.  To do otherwise is to compromise the safety or sustainable recovery of their communities.

Users can download, submit or view information free of charge.